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Who I am

My Mission

To provide meaningful outdoor programming and support within public education, whether that be directly to the families or the school district, in order to give all students an opportunity to develop into the humans they are capable of being.

What I Believe

  • Meaningful, quality education is a human right, and is the foundation of an informed, active, democratic society. 

  • Education is not just about absorbing new facts, but about teaching the ‘Whole Student’: socially, emotionally and academically. 

  • By incorporating restorative practices and mindfulness into programming and curriculum, it adds further opportunity for building empathy, developing self realizations, and incorporating equity. 

  • In knowing more about themselves through the outdoors, yoga, and/or mindfulness, students develop a strong sense of leadership driven by their moral compass and values.  Students ultimately discover that everything they need to develop these skills, they already possess.

  • I believe all students have a right to these opportunities of growth and experiences.

Impactful Experiences

I graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Science in Conservation and Environmental Science with a minor in Biology. 


 I hold a Broadfield Science Teaching License in the State of Wisconsin. 


I taught for 4 year at a small, project-based public charter school near Madison, WI.  At this school, I created curriculum that gave students the space to explore their interests within the subject of science. I integrated overnight backpacking trips into my curriculum and service work projects, most notably building and maintaining sections of the Ice Age Trail in SE Wisconsin.

By the time I was working with young people in the classroom, I began to explore not only my own personal yoga practice, but explored how to bring yoga into my classroom to help with stress and emotional regulation.  I received my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification through Breath For Change and have since developed a trauma sensitive teen yoga program.

If you're interested in other experiences that shaped me as a human and educator, check out my Linkedin page or other social media pages and reach out, say Hi!
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