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Learning doesn't always come easy.  The traditional education system can feel more like an industrial assembly line than an educational experience.


For some students this works well, for others, it may seem like they are missing out on something.  All students learn differently, and as students move from childhood into adolescence, a teenagers brain learns differently than a child's.

Wild Hearts works with middle school and high schools students to:

  • Develop executive function skills

  • Engage in restorative practices to build relationships

  • Encourage exploration of their interests

In order for them to tap into their learning potential and become successful, life long learners.

Wild Hearts believes that all students  have the right to a meaningful education and the feeling of success in school.  Because this looks different for every student, Wild Hearts focuses on both strengths and areas in need of improvement for each student and works with them to create personalized support.


Ideal for all students but especially students who:

  • May be struggling with a specific subject and need more one one on teacher led instruction

  • Students who have chosen to learn virtually due to Covid 19 but would still like safe peer interactions

  • Home school students who would like a supplement to their home school curriculum

  • Students who would like to explore Project Based Learning and are independent learners

  • Students who would like a closer relationship with their teacher

Learn More bout Wild Hearts Approach to Education on the Resource Page

In Response to Covid 19:  Advisory

If you are in the Butte, MT area of Bozeman, Mt area, Wild Hearts is offering a supplemental educational experience. Advisory is for those students who do not wish to attend school in a traditional manner due to risk of exposure to Covid-19 but still need need more support, and want safe interaction with peers, while participating in distance/virtual learning. 

Grades 6-12, multi-aged, multi-disciplinary

A safe space, with rigorous academic tutoring.   

Advisory will include: 

  • Community building time engaging in restorative practices, 

  • Mindfulness/social/emotional learning (SEL) curriculum, and 

  • Individualized educational support 

Students won’t only receive personalized tutoring and safe interaction with peers, but will also gain valuable skills and knowledge such as:

Time Management

Emotional Regulation

Communication Skills



Due to safety guidelines due to social distancing, spots are extremely limited!

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