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Programming at MG21

This large scale project is focusing on bringing outdoor curriculum to the whole school, grades 6-12, using overarching themes that are used as a guiding force, that drives the programming. This will allow for unique experiences at every grade level.

Overarching Themes/Goals of the Program:

Community Building/School Culture - building relationships within the walls and outside the walls of school

Appreciation of Outdoors - emotional wellbeing (SEL),  and interconnectedness 

Land Stewardship (about the action)- learning skills for what to do outside

Social Justice - creating access for all students

Personal Growth - Risk Taking - being okay making mistakes, respect, personal responsibility, leadership styles, vulnerability, self confidence 

COVID 19 UPDATE - Due to school being virtual until the end of the first quarter and probably longer, Wild Hearts is creating local outdoor programming for students to participate in that is safe and meaningful. 

Curriculum Development and Staff Workshops At MICA Guides

This workshop is designed to provide experts in the outdoor industry skills to help engage others on an academic level.  Staff learn skills that will enable them to be more effective facilitators in order to enhance an already robust and meaningful training program.



Discussion Facilitation

Creating Equitable Spaces

Framing a conversation into something that needs to be solved


Leadership in Management Workshop for Genuine Ice Cream (Custom)

This workshop provided space to develop personal and professional skills and goals in order to enhance the individual's success both inside and outside of GIC.  We explored our values, strengths and weaknesses, and goals to find a common ground together and create a culture driven by employees.



Culture Building

Leadership Development

Identification of Management Values

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