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Wild Hearts Education Consulting offers a wide range of programs, curriculum, tutoring and workshops depending on your goals.  

Education Consulting, Outdoor Education, Curriculum, Professional Development, Grant Support, Mindfulness, Yoga, Workshops, Teachers, Schools, School Districts, School District, Custom

Services for Schools

Program and Curriculum Development

Mindfulness and Yoga Integration

Workshops and Staff Trainings and Professional Development

Grant Writing Support

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Education, Tutoring, Educational Support, Education, Outdoor Education

Academic Coaching/Tutoring

Small Group Settings: Advisory

Individual/Personal Tutoring

Educational Supplement to Virtual Learning


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Yoga Mat and Straps, Teen Yoga, Trauma Sensitive, Mindfulness, School, School Distirct, Integration, Curriculum


Group or Individual Sessions

Trauma Informed Practice

Yoga for All Certified Instructor

Learn About Specific Projects That Wild Hearts Has Created
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