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Services for Schools

Wild Hearts aims to work with youth to develop strong leadership driven by their moral compass and values.  By cultivating a strong connection and relationship to nature and a young persons role in it, Wild Hearts strives to inspire and encourage educators to take their classrooms outside and create authentic and meaningful curriculum for their students that help encourage young people to be active members of our democracy.  Wild Hearts goals are to provide high quality, inclusive outdoor education and curriculum to get people of all ages outside and developing a relationship with nature. 


This is achieved by:

  • Develop strong leadership skills, self confidence, and an appreciation for nature in young persons through restorative practices and mindfulness.

  • Help teachers and other educators create a sustainable and captivating outdoor program at their school or in their district

  • Provide mentorship to schools and school districts who wish to develop their own outdoor program

Read Below to learn more about services for schools. Don't see what you're looking for? Reach out to Wild Hearts to create custom programming!

Program Development

If you are interested in developing outdoor programming for your school/classroom, but are not sure where or how to start, Wild Hearts can help.  With years of experience working in the outdoor industry, maintaining connections with outdoor organizations and how to connect it all with curriculum, Wild Hearts can help you create programming to best suit your school. If you want to incorporate service work, day hikes or overnight trips into your school culture, find out what Wild Hearts has already done for schools.

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Workshops and Staff Trainings
Curriculum Development

Not sure if backpacking and trail maintenance is right for your school? No worries! There are so many ways to incorporate outdoor learning even in the most urban of school districts. Work with Wild Hearts to develop classroom curriculum that gets students connected to their outdoor environment in a meaningful way.  Reach out to see how things like outdoor classrooms, school beekeeping and urban gardening can impact your students especially during this time of virtual and distance learning.

Grant Writing Support

Do you already have an outdoor program, but are wanting to take it to the next level?  Do you and your colleagues want to gain more outdoor skills to enhance your program?  Wild Hearts works one on one, or with small groups of educators to develop outdoor skills, and help with the organization of the larger programming.  

It can cost a lot of money to get a new program up and running or to enhance an already existing program.  Wild Hearts has assisted in the writing of several community and education grants to fund outdoor programs. Wild Hearts can help your school find the right grant and then help with the writing of these grants in order to get you the funding support you need!

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